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A bag can be defined as a soft container used to hold goods and clothing as things to wear to cover your body. côte&ciel explored and challenged the boundaries between these two definitions, and the result is a collection of soft, wearable containers, used to cover your goods. This experimental collection redefines the limits between the human form, clothing and carrying.

This collection reflects a wider movement in contemporary fashion: embracing the
functional aspects of textiles, garments and accessories, steering a shift towards utilitarian clothing and technical gear. The côte&ciel Spring/Summer 2020 collection presents a juxtaposition of a high level of practicality and creative fluidity of form. Keeping the needs of the wearer in mind throughout this process, each piece is designed to enable the everyday transportation of personal belongings, whether that be simply a phone and a pair of keys, or a laptop and change of clothes for after-work activities.