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Eyepetizer is a way of being. It’s a precise moment of sharing, a flow of positive energy. Eyepetizer are the colors of our souls that find a place, a time, to mix their emotions, their joys. Eyepetizer means savoring the taste of a life in colors.

First of all, three friends. In love with what revolves around us. Then, three citizens of the world. Each one with his passions, his desires, but everyone with the same morbid urge of knowing, discovering, learning. It’s a specific place that connects us: an island not so far from our Italy where we have grown up together during our summer holidays ( Alejandro was born there) and that today is still the perfect scenery for our rendez vous. It’s exactly during one of these meetings that the idea of Eyepetizer was born, a way even before a brand. A philosophy even before a product. Those glasses found under the sand have been like a word to the wise, the missing chance that we have been given. Yes, because a designer, a graphic designer and a copywriter couldn’t ask more than finding a pretext to build their little dream together, and that object has been exactly that opportunity. You’ll find us lying in the most beautiful bays of Ibiza that have given the name to some of our products, while we tell stories of a colorful life, like our own.