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Woolrich, Inc., founded in 1830 by John Rich and Daniel McCormick, is the oldest manufacturer of outdoor wear in the United States. The company was founded for the purpose of manufacturing fabric for the wives of hunters, loggers and trappers. Later, the company also outfitted clothing supplies to the American Civil War. and Richard E. Byrd’s 1939–1940 Antarctic expedition.
The 1830 wool mill was located on Little Plum Run in Dunnstable Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania. Wool production stopped there around 1843–1845 because of insufficient water supply. The company bought 300 acres at Chatham’s Run in nearby Pine Creek Township in 1834 and built a sawmill. Rich bought out McCormick’s interest in 1843, and by 1845 the company moved to a new mill at the Chatham’s Run location. The 1845 mill no longer exists in its original configuration but its location remains the site of Woolrich’s main operations, which developed into a company town now known as Woolrich, Pennsylvania. The 1830 mill was later used for storage and residential purposes; known as the Rich-McCormick Woolen Factory, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.